ADHD is the expression of attention deficit does not actually mean the absence of attention. The problem with these children is the inability to focus for a certain period of time. Especially during a task that requires mental activity. Studying, problem solving or a task that is not very fun for the child. Attention deficit – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children and vice versa fun. That interest them, television is the colorful, vivid images. They stop being bored for hours in front of computer games.

These students can easily be distracted by external stimuli. They can recognize details that other students do not notice. A voice in the classroom, an image he watches through the window, tears these students away from the class. Teachers of students with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder often complain that the student is distracted in class, does not seem to be listening to him, or is interested in the pencil eraser or surroundings.

ADHD Symptoms

Students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder tend to make careless mistakes during exams and mark questions without reading. Mobility, which is seen as a problem in hyperactive children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder and is considered to be a problem, can be distinguished from normal mobility in that it is generally not purposeful. Depending on the severity, the child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be fidgety in his seat or be mobile as if he is on a motor or climbing a flat wall.

In children with impulsivity, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, it often shows in the way of not being able to wait, interrupting when talking, acting without thinking. Children with ADHD often have trouble following the rules of play and school.

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